And I’m back!

I am the person who forgets passwords like other people can’t find car keys, so you can only imagine my amazement to have discovered that hidden in the deep recesses of my mind (along with the lyrics to many songs, I suspect) I could remember the password to this blog.  I would love to think that I will return to ‘active blogging duty’ now, today, but in reality, it might find time to find my way again.  So, I would love it, if you bookmarked me and checked in occasionally, prompt me to have another go.  My world is such a different place to 2012, still happily married to Mr J, in Lincolnshire but now surrounded by the very very tall, tall, curly & small blondes, teenager life has  hit!


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I have never been lucky enough to meet Kerry from Multiple Mummy but I was lucky enough to ‘chat’ with her on twitter et al and I’ve always thought of her as a friend.

It was with great sadness that I read the news that Kerry had suffered a haemorrhage in the brain following a ruptured aneurysm and I have followed her fight ever since thanks to her incredible brave husband who has continued to update her blog.


Which brings us to now.  New Mum Online has had a lightbulb moment, joining the blogging world together for the #healingofKerry.  On Saturday 24th November at 10pm, please join in a prayer, thought, meditation for Kerry.  Read more on New Mum Online

I know I have missed the actual time writing this blog but as you’ll see it has been so long since I actually blogged I had forgotten all the passwords and how to actually do it!

Keep fighting Kerry, we’re all behind you

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My First Justin’s Jokes – Justin Fletcher

It is no secret that here at Jellybeans HQ we just love Justin Fletcher so big smiles greeted the arrival of his new Joke Book when it arrived through the letterbox.   It is a bright, good sized, not too big for small hands to hold little paperback, and crucially beautifully illustrated in a simple eye catching way with lots of photos of Justin, perfect for I Spy games!

I like the way that the publishers have grouped the jokes together around ‘themes’.  Looking for a joke about the seaside, find the page with a seagull on it.  What about a joke about dinosaurs? Hunt for the dinosaurs.  Add in jokes about farm yard animals, aliens, and zoos and you begin to realise that this is a jampacked joke book. 

So what were our favourite jokes?  We all had a nosey and all of us found one we liked – yes all of us found one which made us really laugh, no mean achievement.

Tall  Why do giraffes have long necks?  Because their feet smell

Curly What type of dog do you find in a toilet?  A Poo-dle

Small  What music are balloons scared off?  Pop music

Dad  Knock, Knock.  Who’s there? Bed who?  Better go to sleep

Chief bean What was the bull doing in the field with his eyes shut ?  Bull dozing

We are very pleased that we have been kindly given a copy by FaberKids to give away as a competition prize.  All you have to do is pop over to our Facebook page!/jellybeansmusichq and say ‘yes please’ by friday 11th May.  The winner will then be chosen at random.  Good luck.

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Where’s the year going?

I’ve just realised with horror that it is already May – not that you’d know it as I sit here watching the hailstones come down, again.  Where have I been, I hear you all cry?!  Well, I’ve been working, supervising Tall’s GCSE revision and trying to cope with my anaemia which is way out of control at the moment.  So please excuse me everyone, I’m going to carry on ‘being missing in blogging action’ until the exam period is over and the iron tablets begin to work their magic.



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A day to remember

You know those days when everything goes right?  Those days when you thank your lucky stars that you are you?  Today has been one of those days for me. 

I absolutely loved my day at work.  I had huge amounts of fun in every session!  We danced, we jumped, we tickled, we sang loudly and proudly and every single Jellybeans and baby beans session was like being at a party, crammed full of small, giggly, smiling babies and toddlers.  I managed to persuade all three boys to have a hair cut – no mean achievement that – and I think the hairdresser will let us go back again!

Tall received his first GCSE results and they were amazing (proud mummy me) then just as I was busy trying not to burn supper, I opened up an email which congratulated me on being nominated in not one but three categories in this year’s What’s On 4 Little Ones’ Awards.

  • Best Local Activity for the Under 5s
  • Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the Under 5s (East)
  • Best Childrens’ Party Entertainment

Last year, I was overwhelmed to reach the Finals of these Awards and hubby, the four jellybeans (of course I took the cuddlies with us!) and myself had an amazing day out meeting some inspirational people from the Early Years Industry and we’d all love to go again, so, here it comes everyone!

Please, please, please, I’d love your vote in the 4th, 9th and 17th categories on the form!  Please just click on the link below and then choose Jellybeans Music, Elizabeth James, Jellybeans Music

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for making Sam, Poppy, Tilly and Bertie Jellybean and Chief bean, Elizabeth, very, very happy

Ooh, don’t forget to tell everyone you know – it’s good to share remember!!!





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Justin Fletcher Hands Up – The Album

Excitment isn’t the word in Jellybeans land – classes have all been buzzing all week because we’re on the countdown for March 5th when Justin Fletcher (aka Mr Tumble) releases his first ever CD – Hands Up – The Album and we can’t wait to wriggle and giggle along with him.  We’ve been given permission by the lovely people at Demon Music to play the album in class, so get ready Jellybeans, we’ll be hokey cokeying, marching and bopping along with Justin!Could anything be better?  YES!   They’ve also sent us 3 copies of this fabulous album packed full of all our favourite party songs to give away as competition prizes and you’ve got three different ways to win a copy, so are you ready to enter?

Option 1 – We’ll be giving a copy away to someone who leaves a comment on this blog – you just have to say hello and tell us who you are!

Option 2 – We’ll be giving a copy away on Facebook.  To enter, pop over to the Jellybeans Music Facebook page, ‘like’ the page if you haven’t already and tell us you’d like to enter!

Option 3 – We’ll be giving a copy away to one lucky jellybean in class!  Just leave your name with either Nikky or Elizabeth in class this week

The competitions all end at 10pm on Friday 10th March 2012 when winners will be chosen at random. The competition is open to UK entries only.

Good luck everyone but if you are not lucky enough to win a copy (or can’t wait!) you can buy the album here. for £8.99.

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PlayWrap Review

Here at Jellybeans HQ we are always on the look out for interesting, innovative, sensory ‘toys’ for babies so we were both interested and intrigued when PlayWrap landed on the doorstep.

Playwrap is the first activity toy designed to keep your baby entertained on your lap. It’s a versatile on-the-go toy that can be used in more than 6 different ways to interact with your child and encourage your baby’s sensory development.   It is a beautiful looking product, with gorgeous packaging but would it impress the baby beans ‘testers’?

I took it with me to baby beans classes for a week, so a lot of mums and grannies got to have a play with it and give their opinions.  It created quite a buzz each time during MusicJam as I took it out of the travel bag.  It quickly became apparent that the babies were attracted to the black and red patterns and that the favourite bits were the peek a boo mirror,crinkly butterfly and cow.   The mums and grannies liked the quality of the Playwrap and attention to detail.   I liked the different textured ribbons best.  But did we manage to use it in 6 different ways as the information leaflet claimed?

Wear it around your shoulders 

Yes, it is very possible and lots of baby beans mums tried it.  But it wasn’t until the last test session that I realised just how useful this was!  I was  leading a busy session of 14 babies and was lucky enough to have a ‘real’ baby (love twins!) to hold who didn’t know me as well.  Usually when I get a baby to hold and work with, my hair gets pulled, my collar is chewed, but with the Playwrap on, baby was happy chewing and exploring away, so I could concentrate much more on the other baby beans as well.  I did feel a bit silly though to start with though, like I was wearing a giant bib – not sure I’d want to sit in a smart restaurant wearing one!

2.  Peek A boo Play

This is one of the baby beans favourite games and a doddle with the Playwrap on.  No more scrabbling around for a scarf or holding a wobbly baby with one hand while you hide behind the other.  Mums were able to either hide behind it or encourage the baby to look into one of the two mirrors.

3.  Encouraging Tummy Time 

Our brilliant baby beans mums are very used to lying down balancing their babies on their tummies, so it made a nice change to do it with a Playwrap around their neck so the baby could reach up and explore the toys. We also draped it over a music box so the babies were reaching up as well as out.

4.  Place on baby’s lap

Yep, easy one.  All our sitting up baby beans enjoyed having the Playwrap around them and it is light enough for them to be able to manipulate it easily

5.  Attach to a high chair

Again, nice and easy to attach to a high chair tray thanks to suction pads on the back. All the mums and grannies remarked ‘good job, it’s machine washable!’

6.  Attach it to a window

This is possible using the suction pads, but it fell off every time we tried this

7.  Use it a car or aeroplane

We obviously didn’t test this one, but the mums thought this would be the time most would buy it for – bunch of jet setters!

8.  Hang it in the cot

Thanks to a set of red loops on the back, I imagine it would be brilliant attached to a cot and I’m sure would be really enjoyed by an early waking baby, making it much loved by their tired parents!

9.  Customise the Playwrap

We had a go at this and thanks to the extra clips, it was very easy to add-on books, musical instruments and anything else we fancied.  This was a very popular option as we all thought it would extend the life of the toy.

Final Verdict, did we like it?

All our baby beans and the majority of their grown ups gave it a thumbs up!  I like it and think the fact that it was designed by a mum for mums really shows.  It is an innovative toy which would make a great long-lasting present for a baby.  The RRP is £28 and it is available from a wide range of stockists.  Would I stock it in the Jellybeans shop?  Very probably.


We were lucky enough to be sent a free Playwrap to play with and review.  All views expressed are entirely our own and no reward, financial or otherwise was received in exchange for this post.



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