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Silent Sunday


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Free music making

I really love percussion instruments – show me a new catalogue and I’m lost for hours – I honestly can’t choose between maracas or maracitos, castanets or skiffle boards.  I enjoy playing and making music with the babies and toddlers in Jellybeans Music … Continue reading

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Gluten free baking

For those of who don’t know, my youngest son was diagnosed in June with Coeliac Disease following months of illnesses culminating in acute anaemia.  Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune condition and there is currently no cure. Gluten which is found in wheat, barley … Continue reading

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The sounds of Summer

I’m a bit lost tonight, if I’m being completely honest!  Normally Sunday nights are very busy as I juggle trying to get the boys ready for the week ahead at school – where do those grey socks all disappear to … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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Sing love me

Jellybeans HQ has not been it’s usual noisy, happy place recently.  Our youngest son, Tobi bean, is poorly with earache.  He has been suffering since thursday when we went swimming and he got ‘water in his ear’.  We’ve been giving him the … Continue reading

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