Not as easy as it looks!

This week, I was joined by Rowena from Rhythm Express Music to record some songs, or should I say, tracks, for a forthcoming lullaby CD which she is putting together.  No problem, thought I, how hard can it be?  I do, after all, spend most of my time singing in public and am confident that I sound ok – apart from during the 5th class on a Thursday but that’s a another story.  I can even be found singing happily away with the jellybeans on YouTube!  It was, however, really, really, really, really hard and absolutely exhausting!

She arrived with some fantastic equipment and turned our playroom into a mobile recording studio within minutes meaning it was time to start.  I pressed my imaginary brave button and started and what a shock!  I could hear my own voice as everyone else hears it and it wasn’t sounding pretty or even tuneful!  I have known for a long time that my soprano voice is no longer with me due to a lack of practice and care on my part.  Gone are the days when I can reach the high C’s by just breathing more deeply, but in my heart of hearts, I still thought I could sing the sad Countess’ aria from the Marriage of Figaro and be note perfect with expression, just as I did in my university audition all those years ago.  One look at Rowena’s face however, confirmed the truth – I was struggling with middle C and auto tuning would not be able to save me unless I could relax and breathe.  After what felt like 9 million attempts at ‘Rock A Bye Baby’ she took pity on me and we moved onto other lullabies and songs and it did get easier, but would I want to spend all day, every day recording music?  Not on your life!  My back ached from breathing so deeply, my feet were sore from standing for 5 hours but we did manage to record 28 songs and I’m very relieved to say initial playbacks are not too bad – fancy a listen?  If all goes to plan, there will be a Rhythm Express Music Lullaby CD and 2 CDs full of Jellybeans Music songs available by the end of October.  It was all very exciting but it has left me with a dilemma to solve – do I settle for the voice I have now, or do I try and get ‘my’ voice back before I’m too old?  I suspect I know the answer because I can’t believe I’ll never get to be part of a choir singing ‘The Messiah’ again but I’m going to have to work hard!

PS  Tobias came home from school and just rocked it!  Clearly he is going to need keeping away from the X Factor when he grows up.

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2 Responses to Not as easy as it looks!

  1. Oh dear, did I really pull faces? Never meant too and the editing has really been a breeze. I should have a full set of your songs done and dusted within two weeks!

    Oh, thank you very much for agreeing to be my vocalist – fancy doing it again?

  2. Only once and it was well deserved! In all seriousness, I really enjoyed the day and would happily do it all over again (minus perhaps the Manx Lullaby….)

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