Sign 2 Music Volume 1 – A Review

I am always a little bit nervous of singing and signing – too much to remember and I worry about getting the signs wrong and causing offence, but after meeting Deirdre McLaughlin, the creator of Sign 2 Music at the What’s On 4 2011 Awards lunch, I was encouraged to think seriously about trying to incorporate signs into my baby programme – baby beans.  I soon realised, however, that in order to sign and sing successfully the tempo of the music becomes paramount, particulary for early signers, so I was delighted when she kindly sent me a copy of this CD which she produced in partnership with Rhythm Express Music to encourage me along.  At Jellybeans Music we are passionate about World Music and I listen to a lot of music from all over the globe so I was intrigued to hear how her Northern Irish accent would sound. 

  • Would it make it difficult to understand the words?  No. 
  • Would it be off putting? No. 
  • Would it be soothing?  Yes.

The 26 songs are a mix of traditional nursery rhymes and action songs and songs created for Sign 2 Music.  I particularly enjoyed ‘Time To wake Up Sleepy Head’ and ‘Have a Bath’ both of which were very easy to pick up and catchy.   The whole CD has a real ‘feel good’ factor to it and yes, I did sing along happily even though I was alone in the house!   The tempo of the songs is just perfect for signing.  I was able to quickly keep up and sign along with ‘Old McDonald’ and I like the variety of signs which she incorporates into the CD – after all, surely we all want small children to be able to sign ‘sleepy’, ‘nappy’, ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ as well as animals, vehicles, members of the family and bubbles.

In conclusion, therefore, this is a CD that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a well produced CD of nursery rhymes and action songs sung by a talented vocalist.  This is not a CD which you will listen too just once and thereafter ‘hide’ from your child!  This is a CD which deserves to become part of the fabric of a child’s life and which adults will also enjoy.

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One Response to Sign 2 Music Volume 1 – A Review

  1. Wow! What lovely comments. Thank you so much Elizabeth! It is great to hear your perspective on my accent as I do wonder if it would be offputting to non-NI people! I really appreciate you taking the time to review this. And of course, as you say it would not have happened without backing tracks from the talented Rowena Howey, Rhythm Express!

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