Do you remember?

I’m at home poorly today and it has given me a chance to catch my breath and think about the week that has just finished.  It’s been a real whirlwind – huge amounts of ‘mummy time’ needed by tall blonde (makes a change!) and all the jellybeans and baby beans classes have been packed to the rafters.

Here are some of my most vivid memories of the week in jellybeans

  • Making the most of being in a huge, empty hall and rolling hoops from one end to another while all I could hear was giggling, panting children (and their mums!)
  • Bubbles.  Flying everywhere, being blown, being eaten!
  • Fantastic, and I mean, fantastic animal noises!  Hard to say which group was the best but I have heard amazing pigs and sheep in particular
  • Articulate, careful explanations by very small children why they all think Tilly is in the bag – and the squeals when they realised she was!
  • Panda bears – need I say more?

Meanwhile in baby beans, do you remember or recognise?

  • Flying babies everywhere
  • Sleeping babies underneath the listening cloth
  • Ribbons – blowing and swirling
  • Real belly laughs

As a Mum

  • I remember sitting in a school hall full of teenage girls and just one boy – my son
  • Getting covered in icing sugar when small blonde and his friend iced cakes the most lurid blue ever – but they were so yummy to eat
  • One day it didn’t rain at school pick up time
  • Middle blonde ‘actually’ (his favourite word at the moment as in ‘actually Mummy’) picked his clothes up from the floor

I enjoyed my week (and not only the good bits).  It was a hard slog at times – how I hate loading & unloading my car – but overall a fascinating mishmash, hopefully a life lived to the full.

ps love to know what you remember about your week

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