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Two sticks, two blondes, 1 friend = happy

Today we went to the woods We built a bridge over a ditch – sorry boys, I mean a HUGE cravine We took it in turns to walk across the ‘bridge of destiny’ We found lots and lots of dens … Continue reading

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Santa’s Steam Adventure at the National Railway Museum

I think it was still dark yesterday morning when the house began to echo to the shouts of ‘we’re going to see Santa today’ and Curly and Small blonde hurtled around the house getting ready.   Finding the National Railway Museum … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about lots of ‘why’ type of things today Why did I ‘need’ to buy a snow shovel today when there is no hint of snow on the horizon? Why whenever I reach into the scarf bag at … Continue reading

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The week that was

Am I the only one who gets to the end of the week and has a mind spinning full of images? Small blond is learning about WW2 and is now insisting on a 6pm ‘blackout’ before the bombing starts each evening … Continue reading

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How did this happen?

On my way up the stairs just now, I noticed these shoes and a bit of me laughed, a bit of me grumped as I fell over them – why can’t the boys put shoes in the shoe box? – and a teeny … Continue reading

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