Brrr, we want the snow

It’s a cold, cold, cold day and we’re just waiting for the snow to come.  Last night it reached -8 in the back garden, perfect weather for making ice balls.

Ice balls are a big tradition here.  We started making them three years ago on a trip to Northumberland, where after 3 days of solid snow we had run out of every single play idea and desperately needed to entertain 3 boys!  Now every chance we get, Small blonde and I decorate the trees to ‘welcome’ the snow.

Fill an old yogurt pot with water then pop inside whatever you fancy.  Over the years, we’ve used glitter, polar animals, even a ship during Curly blonde’s Titanic obsession phase!

 Small blonde is experimenting with using lego men this winter,

while I’ve chosen seed heads and berries.  When you are happy with what you have popped inside the water, add a piece of string – about 20cms long and leave the pot outside to freeze. 

This is the really exciting part for Small blonde (and me if I’m honest!). I think it is impossible not be impressed when finally the water is frozen and we can tip the ice ball out.

All that’s left is to tie the string onto the tree and wait for the compliments!

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5 Responses to Brrr, we want the snow

  1. Laura says:

    Brilliant! I like the thought of watching them thaw too. Which lego man will be free first?

  2. I have no doubt that Small B will keep a very close eye on the lego men trying to escape – he’s been in and out all afternoon waiting for them to freeze. We’ve made some really cool arctic scenes using flat bacofoil tins before then played with them inside, popping them back in the freezer when they began to melt.

  3. Karen says:

    That is such a brilliant idea! I wish I’d read this before the boys went to bed, but I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow now!

  4. I wish we had thought to do that, the kids would love it and we did have -8 a couple of nights back!

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