I’ve got the World Book Day Blues!

It’s that time of year again, the date is looming ever nearer for World Book Day and I can feel parents at the school gates getting jittery.  I know I am!   Why, I hear all of you cry?  Because, I know from experience that World Book Day actually only means one thing.  A letter home from school informing you that it will be ‘oh so fun’ for your child to dress up as your favourite book character!

Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up, I love books.  My boys like dressing up (as I write this Small is running around the garden dressed as a bat!) and they love books, but this is my twelfth year and I’ve lost the dressing up vibe, big time.  I’ve asked Small what he wants to be and he is adamant he wants to be Robin Hood, even though I can’t remember the last time he read a book with Robin Hood in it – think he just wants to carry the bow.  I’ve tried suggesting the hero from Diary of a Wimpy Kid (t shirt and jeans) or Harry Potter (we can SO do that one) or Alex Rider, Super Spy but in his world it is got to be green felt or nothing.

So, I’ve bought the felt, I’ve made the tabard, I’ve made the hat, so please, please, please keep your fingers crossed for me that on thursday he hasn’t changed his mind!

To mitigate my grumpiness can I point out I’ve already made him into an egyptian soldier, viking and evacuee this academic year!

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