Justin Fletcher Hands Up – The Album

Excitment isn’t the word in Jellybeans land – classes have all been buzzing all week because we’re on the countdown for March 5th when Justin Fletcher (aka Mr Tumble) releases his first ever CD – Hands Up – The Album and we can’t wait to wriggle and giggle along with him.  We’ve been given permission by the lovely people at Demon Music to play the album in class, so get ready Jellybeans, we’ll be hokey cokeying, marching and bopping along with Justin!Could anything be better?  YES!   They’ve also sent us 3 copies of this fabulous album packed full of all our favourite party songs to give away as competition prizes and you’ve got three different ways to win a copy, so are you ready to enter?

Option 1 – We’ll be giving a copy away to someone who leaves a comment on this blog – you just have to say hello and tell us who you are!

Option 2 – We’ll be giving a copy away on Facebook.  To enter, pop over to the Jellybeans Music Facebook page, ‘like’ the page if you haven’t already and tell us you’d like to enter!

Option 3 – We’ll be giving a copy away to one lucky jellybean in class!  Just leave your name with either Nikky or Elizabeth in class this week

The competitions all end at 10pm on Friday 10th March 2012 when winners will be chosen at random. The competition is open to UK entries only.

Good luck everyone but if you are not lucky enough to win a copy (or can’t wait!) you can buy the album here. for £8.99.

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14 Responses to Justin Fletcher Hands Up – The Album

  1. Georgina Lawson says:

    Hello, we would love a Justin CD! love Georgina, Jack and Jessica Lawson xx

  2. Laura says:

    Oh my goodness! I don’t know if I dare enter this comp because I know if we won, it would never be out of the CD player! But I don’t know if little I would ever forgive me if I didn’t give it a shot. (little m is still in total love with the jellybeans CD)

  3. tracy and oliver says:

    we would love to win a copy of the justin album my son just adores him and sits glued he has also learnt so much sign language which has helped him communicate when having hearing and speech difficulties

  4. Jaime Willans says:

    Hello….Ashley says he would love to wiggle and jiggle along with Justin…it would be like jellybeans everyday!! Love Jaime, Callum and Ashley Willans xxx

  5. We would love a copy of the Justin Album, Thomas love to wiggle and giggle to music and he now sings in his own special way since finding his voice 🙂

  6. Joanna Slater says:

    My twins, George and Sophia are die-hard Justin fans! They were dancing along to the wriggle song on Justin’s House this evening!

  7. Hello would love a judtin cb xx

  8. kelly says:

    *HANDS UP AND WAVING* Yes please, we would love a CD of Justins x

  9. Shirl & Hannah says:

    Loved the Techno Justifn Hands up if you want the CD ………Yes please

  10. Loving the Techno Justin…Hands up if you would like the CD …me me me lol

  11. christine walker says:

    Hi can I enter Kadie-mae and jayden-john (jj) batey. x

  12. Charlotte says:

    Hello 🙂 I’m sure Matilda would love a Justin CD (though not as much as her Jellybeans CD obviously!) Charlotte 🙂 x

  13. Sylvie Martin says:

    Dear Elizabeth. I love my jellybeans CD and we play it in the car A LOT 🙂 I dont get to watch Justin on telly much but my mummy says she will look to see when he’s on. His CD would be great to keep us going until your next one comes out! lots of love Jamie
    PS We just got back from taking snuggle bunny to the train museum. Amazing!!! I’ll send you a photo soon! love Jamie xxx

  14. Becca Healey says:

    Hi. My son loves going to Jellybeans with all the singing. He would love a CD of Justin Fletcher. Thankyou Becca + Harrison Field x

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