PlayWrap Review

Here at Jellybeans HQ we are always on the look out for interesting, innovative, sensory ‘toys’ for babies so we were both interested and intrigued when PlayWrap landed on the doorstep.

Playwrap is the first activity toy designed to keep your baby entertained on your lap. It’s a versatile on-the-go toy that can be used in more than 6 different ways to interact with your child and encourage your baby’s sensory development.   It is a beautiful looking product, with gorgeous packaging but would it impress the baby beans ‘testers’?

I took it with me to baby beans classes for a week, so a lot of mums and grannies got to have a play with it and give their opinions.  It created quite a buzz each time during MusicJam as I took it out of the travel bag.  It quickly became apparent that the babies were attracted to the black and red patterns and that the favourite bits were the peek a boo mirror,crinkly butterfly and cow.   The mums and grannies liked the quality of the Playwrap and attention to detail.   I liked the different textured ribbons best.  But did we manage to use it in 6 different ways as the information leaflet claimed?

Wear it around your shoulders 

Yes, it is very possible and lots of baby beans mums tried it.  But it wasn’t until the last test session that I realised just how useful this was!  I was  leading a busy session of 14 babies and was lucky enough to have a ‘real’ baby (love twins!) to hold who didn’t know me as well.  Usually when I get a baby to hold and work with, my hair gets pulled, my collar is chewed, but with the Playwrap on, baby was happy chewing and exploring away, so I could concentrate much more on the other baby beans as well.  I did feel a bit silly though to start with though, like I was wearing a giant bib – not sure I’d want to sit in a smart restaurant wearing one!

2.  Peek A boo Play

This is one of the baby beans favourite games and a doddle with the Playwrap on.  No more scrabbling around for a scarf or holding a wobbly baby with one hand while you hide behind the other.  Mums were able to either hide behind it or encourage the baby to look into one of the two mirrors.

3.  Encouraging Tummy Time 

Our brilliant baby beans mums are very used to lying down balancing their babies on their tummies, so it made a nice change to do it with a Playwrap around their neck so the baby could reach up and explore the toys. We also draped it over a music box so the babies were reaching up as well as out.

4.  Place on baby’s lap

Yep, easy one.  All our sitting up baby beans enjoyed having the Playwrap around them and it is light enough for them to be able to manipulate it easily

5.  Attach to a high chair

Again, nice and easy to attach to a high chair tray thanks to suction pads on the back. All the mums and grannies remarked ‘good job, it’s machine washable!’

6.  Attach it to a window

This is possible using the suction pads, but it fell off every time we tried this

7.  Use it a car or aeroplane

We obviously didn’t test this one, but the mums thought this would be the time most would buy it for – bunch of jet setters!

8.  Hang it in the cot

Thanks to a set of red loops on the back, I imagine it would be brilliant attached to a cot and I’m sure would be really enjoyed by an early waking baby, making it much loved by their tired parents!

9.  Customise the Playwrap

We had a go at this and thanks to the extra clips, it was very easy to add-on books, musical instruments and anything else we fancied.  This was a very popular option as we all thought it would extend the life of the toy.

Final Verdict, did we like it?

All our baby beans and the majority of their grown ups gave it a thumbs up!  I like it and think the fact that it was designed by a mum for mums really shows.  It is an innovative toy which would make a great long-lasting present for a baby.  The RRP is £28 and it is available from a wide range of stockists.  Would I stock it in the Jellybeans shop?  Very probably.


We were lucky enough to be sent a free Playwrap to play with and review.  All views expressed are entirely our own and no reward, financial or otherwise was received in exchange for this post.



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  1. Bondie Bird loves this review straight from the Jelly Bean Babies! Thanks again for taking the time to try the Playwrap and letting us know what you think. We are glad to hear that the Jelly Bean babies loved playing with it. Please visit our Facebook Page to See the Playwrap in Action :

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