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Say ‘hello’ to Chief Bean!
Jellybeans Music was created in 2007 by Elizabeth James after she was unable to find a music group to enjoy with her youngest son. An experienced Montessori teacher and classically trained musician, Elizabeth decided to create two programmes, baby beans for tiny newborns and non mobile babies and jellybeans, for boisterous, mobile babies, toddlers and preschoolers using as her inspiration the musical activities she enjoyed with her own children at home during their early years. Even today, her youngest son, Tobias, regularly ‘test drives’ new songs and music!

The business has grown quickly and now delivers early years classes in Lincolnshire and more specialised, dementia friendly, classes in Care Homes in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.   The next big adventure is to launch a franchise opportunity, so everyone, everywhere can enjoy ‘wriggling & giggling like a jellybean’.

To find your nearest class, why not visit


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