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I have never been lucky enough to meet Kerry from Multiple Mummy but I was lucky enough to ‘chat’ with her on twitter et al and I’ve always thought of her as a friend. It was with great sadness that … Continue reading

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My First Justin’s Jokes – Justin Fletcher

It is no secret that here at Jellybeans HQ we just love Justin Fletcher so big smiles greeted the arrival of his new Joke Book when it arrived through the letterbox.   It is a bright, good sized, not too big for … Continue reading

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Where’s the year going?

I’ve just realised with horror that it is already May – not that you’d know it as I sit here watching the hailstones come down, again.  Where have I been, I hear you all cry?!  Well, I’ve been working, supervising Tall’s … Continue reading

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A day to remember

You know those days when everything goes right?  Those days when you thank your lucky stars that you are you?  Today has been one of those days for me.  I absolutely loved my day at work.  I had huge amounts of … Continue reading

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Justin Fletcher Hands Up – The Album

Excitment isn’t the word in Jellybeans land – classes have all been buzzing all week because we’re on the countdown for March 5th when Justin Fletcher (aka Mr Tumble) releases his first ever CD – Hands Up – The Album … Continue reading

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PlayWrap Review

Here at Jellybeans HQ we are always on the look out for interesting, innovative, sensory ‘toys’ for babies so we were both interested and intrigued when PlayWrap landed on the doorstep. Playwrap is the first activity toy designed to keep your baby … Continue reading

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I’ve got the World Book Day Blues!

It’s that time of year again, the date is looming ever nearer for World Book Day and I can feel parents at the school gates getting jittery.  I know I am!   Why, I hear all of you cry?  Because, I … Continue reading

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