Meet the ‘Jellybeans’ Family

We live in rural Lincolnshire in a little market town on the edge of the big, wide, flat Fens with one big cat, Bill.  We are :-


I am almost probably already middle aged (big gulp) but still feel like I am in my late teens – just  a larger, grey haired version!  I created Jellybeans Music and love music of all types, particularly World Music and Bach, but I only play Radio 4 in the car.  I read compulsively to relax and have a huge collection of cookery books which I do use – honestly!


He is just the oldest member of the family and has the patience of a saint in a house full of ‘prima donnas’.  He walks to work every day and listens to a lot of American Soft Rock on his Ipod while making sure he reads every single page of the newspaper every single day.

Tall Blonde 

He is 20 years old and much taller than his parents.  He is at University reading History.  He reads and reads and reads and likes to go for swims ……

Curly Blonde.

He is about to take his GCSE  and loves the Xbox with a passion.  He reads a lot (especially news) and has very eclectic music tastes

Small Blonde.

He is 12 years old, anaemic and has Coeliac Disease.  He is never happier than when he is drawing or singing or discussing history and shares his mother’s interest in baking.

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